A race number for the 2012 Cro-Magnon is available !

This year the organization of the Cro – Magnon Race added an extra element within the Race.   A participation with a touch of solidarity and charity, I RUN FOR FIND THE CURE to support the humanitarian project “.

One special race number has been sponsored by the  Cro Magnon organization for the “ONLUS” (The Italian Nonprofit Social Association) “I FIND THE CURE”,  an association, which organizes since five years projects in India, Africa and Haiti.  www.findthecure.it

This race number,  the registrations having now been closed, will be put on auction by the “ONLUS”, and the entire collect will be donated towards a construction project of a primary school in Needloor in the South of India.

The race number with a starting value of 100 Euros will allow the winner of the auction to participate at the 2012 Cro Magnon Race (adhering to the conditions and regulations of the Cro-Magnon race set by the organization of the race) and also will receive an additional official kit (competitors pack) offered by the “I RUN FOR FIND THE CURE. “

To participate to the auction and to follow it please visit the website:  http://www.findthecure.it/run-for-ftc.php

You can submit your bids to:  runfor@findthecure.it

We like to thank you in advance on behalf of the organization of the Cro-Magnon and “I RUN FOR FIND THE CURE”